102L12 – A Biblical View of Christians on Psychotropic Drugs


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101L12 Physical Illness/Christians on Psychotropic Drugs and Biblical Counseling- This lecture articulates the origin of physical illness and how God can use it in the life of people. This lecture also explores central reasons why Christians may take psychotropic drugs along with biblical insights to consider about psychotropic drugs. In addition, this lecture provides counseling methods on how to counsel people in relation to physical illness and psychotropic drugs.

Counselling has been around for a long time and its time honored traditions have been used by countless to help and be helped. In this Fully Accredited Solution Based Counselling Practitioner Course you will learn the core skills that every Counsellor needs and be taken from beginner to professional level.

A quick warning though: If you want a traditional Counselling course, something that just contains the basics of Counselling, then this course is not for you! However, if you want a course that takes you on a journey further than standard counselling and into a place where you can truly help people then this IS the right course for you.

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